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Episode 15: Marc Mannella, CEO of KIPP Philadelphia Schools

“We are trying to teach the kids that there is a way that KIPPsters act. There is a curiosity that they bring to the classroom; there is a respect that they bring to their interactions with their peers and with

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Episode 14: Jennifer Davis | National Center on Time and Learning

Jennifer Davis, Co-Founder and President of the National Center on Time and Learning, leads a campaign to get educators and others to re-think how time is used in schools. In this episode, she describes the Expanded Learning Time (ELT) movement

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Episode 14: Blog – Community Partners Are Key

By Cathy Tisdale, President and CEO of Camp Fire USA “In our experience (and it would be echoed by other after school providers), children love the fact that their afterschool program is not school, is not graded and is a place

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