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Mission and Approach

The mission of Development Without Limits is to help educators provide dynamic and engaging learning experiences for young people. At Development Without Limits, we believe that people learn best and are most productive when they are interested and engaged in what they are doing, and when learning itself feels meaningful.

For this kind of engagement to occur, activities must be dynamic and based on the skills, interests, and ideas of the participants. This means that we approach each project as something new, tailoring programs, curriculum, and staff development to meet the unique needs of each organization.

What We Do

Development Without Limits works with community-based organizations, afterschool and summer programs, schools, and other educational institutions to develop curriculum and train staff. Many of our client organizations work with young people outside the regular classroom, but our work is equally applicable to schools and classroom teachers. We create resources for youth professionals and specialize in helping educators create dynamic and engaging learning experiences for young people. We provide professional development, curriculum design services, and research-based quality improvement support including on-site coaching and practitioner networks.

In November 2011, DWL expanded our capacity by opening a west coast based operation, Development Without Limits West (DWL West). An affiliate branch to the New York-based DWL, DWL West provides the same services as DWL with local understanding in California and the western region. In addition, DWL West staff have expertise in issues such as addressing equity and diversity and effectively working with English Learners and immigrant students. The expansion into the western region allows DWL to continue to grow as an organization and offer additional localized services throughout the United States.

Our Founder and Team

Development Without Limits was founded in 2000 by Eric Gurna. Our core team has deep experience working with youth and includes former classroom teachers, social workers, and program and curriculum experts. Read more about our team.