Episode 18: Will Power, Performer, Playwright and Educator


“A lot of times you come into a place and you’re going to have an influence on that school and on that institution and better the community, but your child may or may not see the fruits of that.”    – Will Power

This episode features a free-ranging conversation with Will Power, award-winning performer, playwright and educator (soon to be in the newly-created position of Artist-in-Residence at Southern Methodist University!) Will and I discussed the challenges of making choices about our own children’s education, the balance between focusing on community work and art and performance, and his own work as a pioneer in Hip Hop Theater.

The blog this time was written by Zach Wilson of School’s Out Washington, who describes how this episode connected with him personally, especially the idea of the internal conflicts Will and I discussed about how to make choices for our own children.

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Please Speak Freely

On Please Speak Freely, Eric Gurna, founder of Development Without Limits interviews leading thinkers, artists and others to shed light on key issues and explore different perspectives about youth development and education. The idea is to get past the platitudes and institutional positions, and have honest, nuanced conversations about things that really matter to young people and communities. Please Speak Freely guests include:

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