Young Staff

Group Management

How to Respond Effectively to Challenging Behavior

When working with young people, effective group management is one of the most important skills to master. In this workshop, you will learn the key elements of effective group management, including the creative use of rules, giving participants interesting roles, and group activities that help students interact more and increase teamwork. You will also learn to help students communicate more effectively when things don’t go their way.

Conflict Resolution

How to Help Young People Develop Their Own Solutions

This workshop will show afterschool staff how to help young people see that they have many options for their own behavior, even in stressful situations. Participants will explore and practice ways they can help young people learn to express their feelings clearly and non-violently and make positive choices for how they act.

What’s With the Attitude?

How to Successfully Deal With “Difficult” People

One of the key skills for an educator or program director is building positive relationships. However, sometimes people don’t want to play nice. In this workshop, we will explore strategies for dealing with the occasionally challenging behavior of colleagues, parents, and other key afterschool stakeholders.

Team Building

How to Use Team Games to Build Community Among Staff and Youth

Team building games are great ways to create a positive spirit in your group. They can also be used to energize and focus the group and burn off stress. We will discuss and explore different types of energizers including icebreakers, communication and team building activities, and getting to know each other activities.

Public Speaking

How to Develop Effective Presentation Skills

Speaking in public is one of the greatest and most common fears people identify when asked! Having the self-confidence to master this fear is an important skill for anyone wanting to develop leadership skills or to increase self-confidence. Through a series of interactive activities, participants in this workshop will learn basic skills and strategies associated with public speaking, including tactics for managing nervousness, and will have opportunities to practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!

Encouraging Physical Activity Among Young People

In this workshop, we will discuss how to encourage young people to be active during structured and unstructured playtime. There will be an introduction to the fundamental components of physical fitness, and we will examine the importance of including them in your life. We will have an activity portion that will cover how to mix traditional exercise with fun and challenging games that will get young people moving. Wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers. Come ready to move!

Interactive Lesson Planning

How to Develop Activities that Engage Youth and Staff

Writing clear and engaging activity plans can be difficult and confusing for many afterschool staff. This workshop will help staff develop lesson plans that have clear learning goals and are inclusive of staff’s and young people’s diverse talents, backgrounds, and interests.

Facilitation Skills

How to Facilitate Engaging Discussions and Activities

Having strong facilitation skills is a key component of running an engaging youth program. In this workshop, participants will learn facilitation techniques that maximize the use of their skills and varied settings and also learn strategies to help youth stay motivated to learn. Participants will come up with facilitation strategies that will enhance the workshop they are developing and practice a few strategies in front of their peers.

Recruitment and Retention

How to Keep Middle School and High School Youth Engaged

This workshop will draw from the four “B’s” of recruiting and retaining high school youth: be real, be yourself, be respectful, and build informal relationships. In addition to the four “B’s,” the workshop will provide specific strategies that keep youth coming back to your program.

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