Social & Emotional Learning

Positive Discipline

How to Work With Kids and Not Be Mean

When young people are comfortable, unafraid and engaged there is less need for you to impose order. This workshop will explore ways to create program environments where children experience mutual respect, empowerment and excitement for learning. We will discuss discipline strategies based on solutions instead of punishment, encouragement instead of fear.

Child and Youth Development

Understanding The Ages and Stages

In order to work effectively with youth, we need a basic understanding of how they develop, their needs, and their assets. This workshop summarizes key research on child and youth development with a focus on how to create programs that are appropriate for the young people you work with.

Group Management

How to Respond Effectively to Challenging Behavior

When working with young people, effective group management is one of the most important skills to master. In this workshop, you will learn the key elements of effective group management, including the creative use of rules, giving participants interesting roles, and group activities that help students interact more and increase teamwork. You will also learn to help students communicate more effectively when things don’t go their way.

Conflict Resolution

How to Help Young People Develop Their Own Solutions

This workshop will show afterschool staff how to help young people see that they have many options for their own behavior, even in stressful situations. Participants will explore and practice ways they can help young people learn to express their feelings clearly and non-violently and make positive choices for how they act.

What’s With the Attitude?

How to Successfully Deal With “Difficult” People

One of the key skills for an educator or program director is building positive relationships. However, sometimes people don’t want to play nice. In this workshop, we will explore strategies for dealing with the occasionally challenging behavior of colleagues, parents, and other key afterschool stakeholders.

Working with English Learners

How to Support English Learners in After School

The English Learner population has grown over 50% in the last decade—and it’s still growing. Learn how your out-of-school time programs can effectively support the diverse and often vulnerable English Learner population in a holistic way to address their unique social-emotional and developmental needs.

Equity and Diversity Institute

How to Address Equity and Diversity in Youth Programs

Trainings on this topic offer youth workers and program leaders an overview of common diversity and equity issues.  We create a supportive space to reflect on our own backgrounds and the resources, challenges and opportunities they provide to our work; identify individual and community issues shaping the lives and needs of the young people we serve; learn about promising strategies for supporting young people’s social, cultural, and cross-cultural development, and for creating inclusive and responsive programming; and assess the strengths and gaps in our programs’ equity and diversity efforts.

Affirming Culture and Language

How to Create a Program that Nurtures Multiculturalism

In this workshop, participants view We Speak America, a moving, award-winning documentary that weaves together the voices of children, youth, parents, and teachers as they speak about the importance of community ties, having a bicultural and bilingual identity, and connecting to family heritage. Drawing on the film’s powerful intergenerational perspectives as well as on other interactive activities, we will build a vision for what it takes to create schools and youth programs that nurture students’ cultural and linguistic assets, affirm their identities, and help them thrive in a multicultural world.

Social Justice Programming

How to Engage Older Youth Through Social Justice-Based Programming

All young people have the capacity to be change agents in society. The Bridging Multiple Worlds Competencies create engaging, affirming environments that help all young people to thrive and learn how to make a difference in the world. This workshop explores these social justice-based competencies and ways in which programs can help them come to life.

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