Curricular Activities

Curriculum Development

How to Develop Dynamic Program Plans and Theme-Based Curricula

This workshop goes in depth into the curriculum development process. Participants will learn how to develop new concepts for program curricula and organize existing lesson into content specific themes. Staff will also understand how they can connect these activities to the overall work and mission of their organizations.

Project-Based Learning

How to Put Young People in the Lead

Youth development research has shown that project-based learning fosters critical thinking, positive attitudes toward school, and increased civic engagement. This workshop will present tools and strategies to help programs develop youth-led project-based learning initiatives that will help youth acquire important academic and life skills. Participants will leave with concrete strategies for planning and carrying out youth-led projects, including techniques for ongoing reflection and project assessment.

Interactive Lesson Planning

How to Develop Activities that Engage Youth and Staff

Writing clear and engaging activity plans can be difficult and confusing for many afterschool staff. This workshop will help staff develop lesson plans that have clear learning goals and are inclusive of staff’s and young people’s diverse talents, backgrounds, and interests.

Designing Effective Summer Programs

How to Use Engaging Themes and Activities to Keep Youth Active

Summer programs provide unique opportunities for young people to learn about and interact with the world around them through activities and trips not offered during the regular school year. Planning an engaging and effective summer program requires thoughtful preparation to ensure that young people are safe, engaged, and having fun all summer long. This training will help participants understand the importance of providing intentional summer learning opportunities based on research related to “summer learning loss.” Participants will leave with concrete ideas for specific trips and fun indoor and outdoor activities they can incorporate into their summer programs.

Social Justice Programming

How to Engage Older Youth Through Social Justice-Based Programming

All young people have the capacity to be change agents in society. The Bridging Multiple Worlds Competencies create engaging, affirming environments that help all young people to thrive and learn how to make a difference in the world. This workshop explores these social justice-based competencies and ways in which programs can help them come to life.

Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!

Encouraging Physical Activity Among Young People

In this workshop, we will discuss how to encourage young people to be active during structured and unstructured playtime. There will be an introduction to the fundamental components of physical fitness, and we will examine the importance of including them in your life. We will have an activity portion that will cover how to mix traditional exercise with fun and challenging games that will get young people moving. Wear loose fitting clothing and sneakers. Come ready to move!

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