Program Management

Effective Staff Supervision Strategies

How to Support and Develop Adults Who Work With Kids

When new or inexperienced staff join our program’s team, it is important to help them develop the skills they need to work effectively with young people. This workshop supports supervisors and others to utilize strength-based positive coaching strategies that help staff tackle areas of improvement and achieve ongoing success.

Team Building

How to Use Team Games to Build Community Among Staff and Youth

Team building games are great ways to create a positive spirit in your group. They can also be used to energize and focus the group and burn off stress. We will discuss and explore different types of energizers including icebreakers, communication and team building activities, and getting to know each other activities.

Recruitment and Retention

How to Keep Middle School and High School Youth Engaged

This workshop will draw from the four “B’s” of recruiting and retaining high school youth: be real, be yourself, be respectful, and build informal relationships. In addition to the four “B’s,” the workshop will provide specific strategies that keep youth coming back to your program.

Equity and Diversity Institute

How to Address Equity and Diversity in Youth Programs

Trainings on this topic offer youth workers and program leaders an overview of common diversity and equity issues.  We create a supportive space to reflect on our own backgrounds and the resources, challenges and opportunities they provide to our work; identify individual and community issues shaping the lives and needs of the young people we serve; learn about promising strategies for supporting young people’s social, cultural, and cross-cultural development, and for creating inclusive and responsive programming; and assess the strengths and gaps in our programs’ equity and diversity efforts.

Working with Immigrant Children,Youth, and Families

Understanding the Immigration Experience

Understanding the complexity and diversity of the immigrant experience is a critical step in supporting the needs of immigrant youth and their families. Drawing upon The New Americans, a PBS mini-series that follows a diverse group of immigrant and refugee families through their journeys from their homelands to the U.S., participants in this workshop identify strategies to better meet the needs of immigrant youth in their programs.

Affirming Culture and Language

How to Create a Program that Nurtures Multiculturalism

In this workshop, participants view We Speak America, a moving, award-winning documentary that weaves together the voices of children, youth, parents, and teachers as they speak about the importance of community ties, having a bicultural and bilingual identity, and connecting to family heritage. Drawing on the film’s powerful intergenerational perspectives as well as on other interactive activities, we will build a vision for what it takes to create schools and youth programs that nurture students’ cultural and linguistic assets, affirm their identities, and help them thrive in a multicultural world.

Public Speaking

How to Develop Effective Presentation Skills

Speaking in public is one of the greatest and most common fears people identify when asked! Having the self-confidence to master this fear is an important skill for anyone wanting to develop leadership skills or to increase self-confidence. Through a series of interactive activities, participants in this workshop will learn basic skills and strategies associated with public speaking, including tactics for managing nervousness, and will have opportunities to practice these skills in a safe and supportive environment.

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